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The Originals: Meet the people who worked with Bawa


Every week, Krishna Jagadeesan spends a day with memories of Geoffrey Bawa. He dusts and mops but does not rearrange anything in Bawa’s room at the garden estate of Lunuganga. It is Krishna’s duty to keep everything inside as it was. Krishna joined the staff here in 1999. As part of his responsibilities, he has memorized the sound of 14 different bells – each hung at a different point in the property, they were his signal that Bawa needed something. Today, Krishna will ring the bells when he is leading a tour group around the property, allowing them to imagine for a moment that the architect is still calling for his evening gin and tonic.

Read the rest of this photo story in Architectural Digest India’s ‘Bawa Issue,’ published in July 2019. Text by Smriti Daniel. Photographs by Dominic Sansoni.