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Chandima and Anoja Rajapatirana: On Providing E.A.S.E to Sri Lankans with Autism

A single sentence on the back of Chandima Rajapatirana’s t-shirt reads ‘nothing is impossible’. As far as personal mottos go, this one suits its wearer to a tee. Diagnosed with autism and apraxia as a four- year- old, Chandima has defied the prediction of specialists. The man who they recommended should be institutionalised is today … Continue reading


Douglas Biklen: A Champion for Facilitated Communication

When Dr. Leo Kanner first wrote about autism in 1943, he changed the way many people understood intelligence. The first scientist to clearly define autism, Kanner was working with 11 children who appeared to be mentally retarded. Among his many conclusions was included his belief that despite their massive communication problems, some of his subjects … Continue reading