Curators / Series: Prized Possesion

Saskia Fernando: A Miniature Good Luck Charm

Saskia Fernando keeps her art gallery filled with exquisite things. However, her most prized possession has never been on display. Instead, the delicate miniature sculpture is kept nestled inside her jewellery box. The statue of a venerable teacher with his student is a netsuke, a form of miniature sculpture that was invented in Japan in … Continue reading

Businesspeople / Chefs

Vittanachchi, Alaganathan, Bala Suresh, Samantha Prasanna, Mohammed Hussein: Running a Kade in Colombo

Kades of every description line the streets of Colombo. Many are family businesses, passed down from one generation to the next, and populated with loyal customers who wander in several times a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with the odd tea break in the middle.They offer affordable, simple, hearty fare and no-nonsense service; and … Continue reading