Actors / Doctors / Series: Prized Possesion

Dr. Sean Amarasekera: I Heart Darth Vader

Darth Vader’s name may have become synonymous with evil but Dr. Sean Amarasekera loves him anyway. So much so that a statue based upon the character, complete with a glowing red lightsabre and chest and belt panels which actually light up, is Sean’s most prized action figure. Sean is a collector of such memorabilia – … Continue reading

Architects / Series: Prized Possesion

Channa Daswatte: A Man Needs a Fountain Pen To Call His Own

When it comes to his choice of writing implements, architect Channa Daswatte is undeniably a romantic. Flowing from the nib of his fountain pen might come a single element of design or the key structures that will eventually make up an entire hotel; alternately, it might be a note to himself or simply a quick … Continue reading

Chefs / Entreprenuers / Series: Prized Possesion

Sita Goonetilleke: A Baker Needs Her Ovens

At the centre of Sita Goonetilleke’s little empire are two sturdy ovens. In their warm, glowing hearts, the basic ingredients of her trade, the butter and eggs, the flour and sugar, are transformed into that most beloved dessert – cake. “It’s a neat science,” Sita says, “It’s all to do with weights, measures and temperatures. … Continue reading