Ravibandu Vidyapathi: In the Footsteps of his Father
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Ravibandu Vidyapathi: In the Footsteps of his Father

Ravibandu Vidyapathi dances alongside the ghost of his father. Their shadows follow the two dancers as they leap and twist and then fold into each other. A little later, when Somabandu Vidyapathi’s sketches are projected onto the large screen at the Punchi theatre, they fill the space with dancers dressed in glorious costumes, frozen as … Continue reading

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Olivia Newton John: Two Conversations with ONJ

She doesn’t like the words ‘bucket list’, considers allowing oneself negative thoughts a form of self-defeat and bristles at the implication that it’s time to retire ‘Let’s Get Physical’. “You think it stops now?” she asks, obviously enjoying putting a journalist on the spot. A few minutes later she says, “Someone told me in Sri … Continue reading