Filmmakers / Screenwriters / Series: Prized Possesion

Sumitra Peries: A Splice of Life

Over the course of a long career in cinema, Sumitra Peries estimates she may have edited anywhere between 10 to 15 movies. These include films such as the groundbreaking ‘Gamperaliya’ (1964) which was directed by her husband, the iconic filmmaker Lester James Peries and ‘Gehenu Lamai’ (1978), the film that marked her own directorial debut. On ‘Gehenu … Continue reading

Actors / Comedians / Filmmakers

Nimmi Harasagama and Heshani Sothiraj: The Auntie Netta Chat Show

Auntie Netta is trying to break free…and Nimmi Harasagama is going to let her. It is not a gradual transformation – her refined conversation slips into a screech, her chuckles take on a sinister edge as she begins to cackle and her gesticulations are so abrupt and enthusiastic you worry she will knock something over. … Continue reading

Academics / Filmmakers / Photographers

Sharni Jayawardena and Tarika Wickremeratne, Kannan Arunasalam, Menika van der Poorten: Films about Post-Conflict Sri Lanka

At, Sharni Jayawardena and Tarika Wickremeratne take a walk about Slave Island, Kannan Arunasalam films ‘portraits of resilience’ in Jaffna and Menika van der Poorten searches out what’s left of the planter Eurasian community. Employing photography and film, the series is modelled on one that ran in the New York Times – the Emmy award … Continue reading

Anthropologists / Filmmakers / Photographers / The Sunday Times

Aaron Burton: A Journey of Inheritance

In 1976, a young anthropologist named Sharon Bell travelled to Sri Lanka to begin work on her thesis. She learnt Sinhala in three months and settled down in the village of Kanewala for two years. She became friends with local families there and in Pelpitigoda and Duwa as well, following the fishermen from the latter … Continue reading

Actors / Filmmakers / Playwrights / The Sunday Times

Uberto Pasolini and Ruwanthie de Chickera: On Making Machan

Machan Four years down the line, the disappearance of Sri Lanka’s one and only National Handball Team (SLNHT) in Bavaria has become the stuff of legend. Amazingly, those 23 men had no training and knew virtually nothing about handball. Despite this, they were audacious enough to postpone their escape and actually take part in three … Continue reading