Bob Spitz: Julia Child’s ‘secret’ life in Ceylon
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Bob Spitz: Julia Child’s ‘secret’ life in Ceylon

When Julia Child was dubbed ‘Our Lady of the Ladle’ in a Time Magazine cover story in 1966, she was already well on her way to becoming a towering figure (both literally and figuratively) in American public life. A one-woman cultural revolution, Julia penned well over a dozen cookbooks (starting with the now iconic ‘Mastering … Continue reading

Kumar Pereira: Behind The Scenes on Masterchef 4
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Kumar Pereira: Behind The Scenes on Masterchef 4

50 to 1: Those are the odds that a contestant will become Australia’s next Masterchef. As the season marches relentlessly on, the odds improve but the standards get tougher, the challenges increasingly impossible. The weak (or often the merely unlucky) are ruthlessly weeded out; amateur pastry chefs and makers of homemade pasta begin to disappear … Continue reading

Delon Weerasinghe: A Carnivore in the Kitchen
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Delon Weerasinghe: A Carnivore in the Kitchen

For Delon Weerasinghe, going grocery shopping is not unlike setting out on a treasure hunt. Many of the ingredients he keeps in his small pantry aren’t easily available and an adventurous spirit is a prerequisite for cooking with them. What comes out of his kitchen is, as a result, rather unusual – like the lotus … Continue reading

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S.H Fernando: A Celebrity Chef in the Making

S.H. Fernando – Skiz to his friends – has spent years quietly amassing a following on his blog and youtube channel. Online at, he serves up an eclectic mix of reviews and recipes. On youtube, this amateur cook stars in the self-produced series ‘Pan Asian’ where he dishes up some of his favourite recipes … Continue reading

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Josceline Dimbleby: Serving Up British Cuisine with a Twist

Josceline Dimbleby’s culinary lexicon has only expanded with her travels. In India, she fell in love with the delicacy of Gujarat’s Jain influenced vegetarian dishes and in Turkey it was Tavuk Gogsu, that famous, tender dessert made with milk and chicken’s breast; in Morocco, it was pigeon pie Bastilla that made her mouth water and … Continue reading

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Sita Goonetilleke: A Baker Needs Her Ovens

At the centre of Sita Goonetilleke’s little empire are two sturdy ovens. In their warm, glowing hearts, the basic ingredients of her trade, the butter and eggs, the flour and sugar, are transformed into that most beloved dessert – cake. “It’s a neat science,” Sita says, “It’s all to do with weights, measures and temperatures. … Continue reading

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Ananda S. Pilimatalavuva: Recipes from the Cookery Book of the Last Kandyan Dynasty

Ananda S. Pilimatalavuva lives a quiet life in the same town where his distant ancestors were once known as ‘King Makers’. Under the Naayakkar (Vaduga) Kings of Kandy, four Pilimatalavuvas were appointed Maha Adikarams. The third held sway for two decades, and served as a Chief Adigar or Chief Minister to two kings. The story … Continue reading

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Vittanachchi, Alaganathan, Bala Suresh, Samantha Prasanna, Mohammed Hussein: Running a Kade in Colombo

Kades of every description line the streets of Colombo. Many are family businesses, passed down from one generation to the next, and populated with loyal customers who wander in several times a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with the odd tea break in the middle.They offer affordable, simple, hearty fare and no-nonsense service; and … Continue reading