Delon Weerasinghe: A Carnivore in the Kitchen
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Delon Weerasinghe: A Carnivore in the Kitchen

For Delon Weerasinghe, going grocery shopping is not unlike setting out on a treasure hunt. Many of the ingredients he keeps in his small pantry aren’t easily available and an adventurous spirit is a prerequisite for cooking with them. What comes out of his kitchen is, as a result, rather unusual – like the lotus … Continue reading

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Dr. Sean Amarasekera: I Heart Darth Vader

Darth Vader’s name may have become synonymous with evil but Dr. Sean Amarasekera loves him anyway. So much so that a statue based upon the character, complete with a glowing red lightsabre and chest and belt panels which actually light up, is Sean’s most prized action figure. Sean is a collector of such memorabilia – … Continue reading

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Nimmi Harasagama and Heshani Sothiraj: The Auntie Netta Chat Show

Auntie Netta is trying to break free…and Nimmi Harasagama is going to let her. It is not a gradual transformation – her refined conversation slips into a screech, her chuckles take on a sinister edge as she begins to cackle and her gesticulations are so abrupt and enthusiastic you worry she will knock something over. … Continue reading